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the sarajevo session, 2.7.2000, with dj djarmah (odlican potez, sarajevo) and dj evil dani (muc)
 stream 1 (dj djarmah)
 stream 2 (dj evil dani)

absurd records labelnight, 25.6.2000, with dj daniel rajkovic and dj david strobl plus special appearance of adam d with an exclusive new gameboy miniset
 stream 1 (daniel rajkovic, david strobl)
 stream 2 (david strobl, adam d)

big erkrankung durch musique labelnight, 11.6.2000
 stream 1 (steril live)
 stream 2 (dj mooner)

adam d gameboy session, 11.6.2000

niel mitra, 30.4.2000

detox/retox, 9.4.2000

dj splank (zombienation), 26.3.2000

andreXTC - lost in CGR

dj spiceee - as it begins (part 2)

sonar 2000
back to the real world... the trip to barcelona was great, made me fall in love to e-music again, i say again cuz i was quite bored with the scene around here... i needed a party like sonar... music and happy people, the perfect combination... for u to know what i'm talking about here's a little bit of what happened on the last day (17/06). dani.
the video contains raw cuts of our trip to sonar festival, featuring miss kittin and the hacker, david carretta, zombienation, dj hell, tampopo, and some shots of acid maria and dj hell rocking the moog club, barcelona (18/6).

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 select:  past streamings |  sets |  tracks |  videos
 select:  past streamings |  sets |  tracks |  videos